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The LandGlide app is a valuable asset in the world of enforcing City codes. In the field, it’s important to identify the correct property, in which a code violation is reported and to be able to see on the app your exact location with the blue dot for accuracy. Having the property information available at your fingertips as our code officials complete over 30,000 property inspections a year.” test

Troy D Powell, MPA, CCEO, CZO | Manager

Housing & Neighborhood Development
City of Greensboro

LandGlide is extremely useful either on desktop or with “boots on the ground” to help identify property boundaries and ownership. One great benefit of using LandGlide is the easy access to parcel identification numbers and ownership information. With a LandGlide Corporate Account, we have the benefit of a reduced pricing structure and the ability to remove/transfer service to old/new users.”

LandGlide Corporate Account Subscriber

Real Estate Industry (Light Industrial)

Case Studies

Case Study: Lynn Butterfield, Realtor

Real estate and lifestyle expert, Lynn Butterfield, found that LandGlide was making a huge difference in his business–so much so, that he brought it to the attention of the board members of his MLS and now hundreds of realtors are growing their business using LandGlide through the MLS’s LandGlide Corporate Account subscription.

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Case Study: Lucinda Striker, Realtor

Lucinda Striker, realtor, relies on LandGlide for searching by Parcel ID for new construction and land. LandGlide allows her to view property lines and landforms on multi-acre properties.

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