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Case Study: Lynn Butterfield, Realtor

"LandGlide is a significant game changer for someone like me who deals in land in remote places.” 

- Lynn Butterfield


Real estate and lifestyle expert, Lynn Butterfield, found that LandGlide was making a huge difference in his business--so much so, that he brought it to the attention of the board members of his MLS and now hundreds of realtors are growing their business using LandGlide through the MLS’s LandGlide Corporate Account subscription.

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Real estate broker, director of Park City Multiple Listing Service and host of American Dream TV, a national television show highlighting real estate, Lynn Butterfield needs tools that will streamline and supercharge his processes.

His vast experience ranges from luxury sales through commercial sales and leasing. His focus is on client success, whether he's helping someone buy their first home, or working with a developer seeking land to create and position a large project in the marketplace. Licensed in both Arkansas and Utah, Lynn notes, “LandGlide has been wildly successful for us in Park City. What I love about it too, is I use it in Arkansas as well. It’s made a huge difference for me to have this tool available.”

“In Park City, we have a lot of remote areas. You’ll be out in the country looking for property and you’ll ask the listing agent, ‘how do I find your property?’ They would give directions like ‘go this far down a dirt road and look for the purple ribbon on a tree.’ That really is true, that’s how we would be out there looking for a property.”

He continues, “Then we get there with a client and I would say ‘this is it’ and they would say ‘where are the boundaries?’ And I would have to take a plat map and try and match it up.”

“Now with LandGlide, I can pull up a property and I say ‘see this dot? this is where we are’ and then I’ll walk them around to the corners of the property. The whole time they’re looking with me at LandGlide at the dot on the map so they can see everything, and we can stop wherever they want to take a closer look at anything, like where the property lines are, whether the property will line up the way they want and have the view they want and where it sits within relation to a neighbor’s house. It is a significant game changer for someone like me who deals in land in remote places.”

Lynn saw a lot of potential in what LandGlide could do for realtors in his area, so as a board member of the Park City MLS, he brought the idea of a LandGlide Corporate Account subscription. “We have people that come into our meeting every month and they try to sell us products and most of them don’t make it, but LandGlide did because it’s a great product and it’s something that benefits everybody in the MLS. There are products that have more bells and whistles, but they don’t do what LandGlide does, they don’t give me the opportunity to go out on site in real time and show myself and my clients where we are on the property and where the property lines are.”

You can learn more about Lynn by visiting his site, or following him on Instagram or connecting on LinkedIn. To experience LandGlide for yourself, start a 7-day free trial now or if you’re looking for information on a Corporate Account, visit our Corporate Accounts page. Scroll down to our discount calculator to view your discount based on the number of users or, reach out to our sales team for more information.

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