How do I sign in to LandGlide®?

Troubleshooting & Help

The screen with multiple sign-in options is a new way for us to authenticate your profile.  This will allow you to access your LandGlide® account across multiple devices which should make using LandGlide® easier.

Choose the option that works best for you:

  • Continue with Apple – This option allows you to sign in using your Apple ID and password.  You will be sent a numeric code to authenticate the account as part of Apple’s two-factor authentication process.  Please do not select to hide your email as this will make assist you more difficult.
  • Continue with Google – This option allows you to use an existing Google account to sign in with an associated email address and password.  Some additional verification may be required by Google.
  • Continue with Facebook- This option allows you to Sign in with your Facebook login credentials. You will be asked to allow Facebook to share information with LandGlide®.  You must select allow to proceed.
  • Continue with Email – This allows you to have an authentication link sent to the email address associated with your LandGlide® account.  Simply open the email on the device that has LandGlide® installed and click the link.  Follow the onscreen prompts within the LandGlide® app and you are all set.

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