How can I save a location (aka Drop Pin)?

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Any location can be saved with the Drop Pin feature.

On your mobile device, you can drop a pin by tapping the Drop Pin icon. This button can be found by tapping the Map icon on the bottom right of the map. The pin will be dropped wherever the crosshairs are in the map area, so make sure they are lined up before you drop the pin.

Once you have dropped a pin on your chosen location, you will get a screen showing your Saved Location.

From here, you can add an image, choose the pin color, add tags, and add a note. To do this, just tap Add Details which is just above Save and Cancel at the bottom of the screen.  

The Add Details page has many features to allow you to customize your Saved Location:

  • Add Image: This feature allows you to take a photo or upload one from your image gallery to the Saved location. Just tap Add Image and tap Add Image again on the Images page to get started. Choose whether you want to take a new picture with your phone's camera or select one from your photo gallery. Once you have uploaded a photo, you can add more photos by tapping the upload button in the bottom right of the Images page. When you are done adding images, click the checkmark in the upper left.  Please note, at this time you may upload no more than 5 images for each saved location.
  • Pin Color: Choose what color you would like the pin to be by tapping one of the four color pins LandGlide® offers.
  • Tags: Make your Saved Locations more searchable by adding Tags. Just type out the tag you would like to add and tap the plus button next to the Tag to add it.  Tags also let you group pins together to categorize them.
  • Note: Add details about a Saved Location by typing a quick or detailed note.

Once you have customized your Saved Location, tap Save, and you are all set.

On the web, there are two ways to save a location (drop a pin) while using LandGlide®.

  • Left-click on a parcel to bring up the parcel information. If you would like to save this location, you can click on the Drop Pinicon on the map's right side. This is the blue icon with the white Pin in it. This will drop a pin in the center of the parcel and will add this parcel to your Saved Locations.
  • Right-click with your mouse on a parcel to select it and bring up the Add Pin pop-up. Select Add Pin, and the parcel will be added to your Saved Locations. By using the right-click method, you can drop a pin in a specific area of a parcel.

You will see a pin on the map for all the locations you have saved.  In the web version of LandGlide® , you can also add more details for a pin from the “Saved Locations” page.  To do this, select Saved Locations from the top menu and locate any pin(s) that you’d like to modify.  Just like in the mobile version, you can set the pin color or add tags and notes.

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