Can I add LandGlide to a 2nd device?

Troubleshooting & Help

LandGlide® now gives you access to parcel data on all your devices.

To add LandGlide® to your mobile phone or tablet, go to the app store for your device and download LandGlide®.   Once the app has been downloaded, log in to LandGlide®.

Be sure to log into LandGlide® with the same method on BOTH devices. The app should recognize you have a paid subscription and allow you to start using LandGlide®.

To access LandGlide® on your desktop or laptop computer, go to, and log in to LandGlide® using one of the sign-in methods available.  Please make sure the email address associated with that login method is also associated with your LandGlide subscription.

If you are a LandGlide®  Corporate Subscriber:  To link your LandGlide® account to a NEW mobile device, simply click the invitation link in the original email from your LandGlide Corporate administrator on the mobile device to begin using. Please note that you must click the invite link from a mobile device that already has LandGlide installed.

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