Is there a multi-user discount for LandGlide®?

Subscriptions & Corporate Accounts

Is there a multi-user discount for LandGlide®?

LandGlide® Corporate Accounts offers you the ability to purchase and manage multiple auto-renewable licenses to LandGlide® through our website.

We offer the following subscriptions:
Monthly for $9.99
Quarterly for $27.49
Yearly for $99.99 (Best Value)

**Note: These subscription prices are per user.

You will receive a discount for purchasing additional subscriptions. We offer a progressive discount per the schedule below:

LandGlide® Corporate Account discounts:
2-5 Users – 10%
6-10 Users – 15%
11-20 Users – 25%
21-50 Users – 35%
51-100 Users – 45%
100+ Users – 50%

If you need a quote, please contact us at with the number of users and the subscription period you prefer.   A support representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you with the process.

For more information about how to sign up for LandGlide®  Corporate Accounts, please see the FAQ:

How do I sign up for LandGlide® Corporate Accounts?

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    LandGlide also offers corporate account licenses for businesses of every size.