Can I use my LandGlide® subscription on all my devices (mobile phone, tablet, computer)?

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Your LandGlide® subscription allows you to access LandGlide® on all your devices with one subscription.  To add LandGlide® to your mobile phone or tablet, go to the app store for your device and download LandGlide®.   Once the app has been downloaded, log in to LandGlide® using the same method you have used on your other device.

Be sure to log into LandGlide® using the same method on ALL devices. The app should recognize you have a paid subscription and allow you to start using LandGlide®.

To access LandGlide® on your desktop or laptop computer, go to, and log in to LandGlide® using the login method that is associated with your subscription.  Please ensure the email address associated with that login method is also associated with your LandGlide® subscription.   If you are unsure what email was used for the mobile device, open LandGlide®, tap the menu (in the search bar), and tap "Account." Your email should be displayed just under your name.

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